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This website www.devous.gr is an online store for the display, promotion and purchase of products of the company under the name “ANTONOPOULOS-TRADE OF CLOTHING, WATCHES, JEWELRY AND GIFTS SOCIETE ANONYME” and the distinctive title ELEGANT SA, which has its registered office in Korydallos, Attica (Gr. Lampraki and 1 Ydras street), with TIN 998538109 and GCR number 44844607000, which shall be hereinafter referred to and for the needs of the present as “Company” and its website shall be hereinafter referred to as “Website”.

1. Introduction

1.1. These terms constitute the “Terms of Use” of the Company’s Website. Any visitor of the Website shall be hereinafter referred to as “User” and must carefully read the Terms of Use, as the browsing and use of the services of the Website of the Company implies their unconditional acceptance and the commitment of the User. In case the User does not agree with the Terms of Use, they must refrain from using the Website and any service provided by it.

1.2. The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use, without prior notification of the User, who is solely responsible for their monitoring and information and any browsing on the Website and use of its services implies their consent to the revised terms of use thereof.

1.3. The User is solely responsible for the access to the services provided by the Company, as well as for the technological means that they shall use for their access.

2. Website operation

2.1. The User acknowledges and accepts that the Company has made every effort for the smooth operation and maintenance of its Website, in order to provide them with services of high level. The Company, however, cannot guarantee that there will be no interruption in use (temporary or permanent), errors or change in the content of the Website. The Company is not liable for a damage resulting from the inability of access or provision of support services to the User on the Website.

2.2. The Company displays the content of the Website, taking all necessary logistical means for the correct and accurate display of its products and services. The Company is not responsible for the appearance of the products, which is likely to be different for reasons due to external factors (e.g. the User’s search engines and devices). The examination of the products by the User is possible only at the physical stores of the Company and provided that they are available there.

2.3. The Company’s Website may contain hyperlinks of other websites, third natural or legal persons towards the Company. The management and the content of these websites belong to third parties and the Company declares that it is not responsible for the content and the terms of use thereof, of which the User again must take notice and accept. The user’s browsing on these websites is carried out solely on his own responsibility.

2.4 The Company may at any time modify its Website, in terms of structure, operation, presentation, categories, applications and software, to remove part or all of it or to discontinue its operation, without prior notice to the User. The User, by only their browsing, accepts and agrees with the content of the Website and its respective modifications.

3. User Options

3.1. The User is solely responsible for the use of the Website in a lawful manner, in accordance with the accepted principals of morality and good faith. The User must refrain from any unlawful, unfair and abusive act, harmful to the Company or third parties.

3.2. In order to navigate and enjoy the services of the Website, the User must have reached the age of 18 years old. The User’s visit and browsing on the Website is free and no registration is required. However, if the User provides their personal information, they agree to any use thereof by the Company, as provided for in the Privacy Policy of the Company, whether the access to their personal account is made by themselves or by third parties
(authorized or not).

3.3. The User shall be obliged, when registering on the Company’s Website or during the simple registration of their personal data, to provide the Company with true and accurate information, which the Company maintains for the purposes and under the restrictions provided for in the Company’s Privacy Policy. The Company shall bear no responsibility in the case of provision of inaccurate or false information by the User or in case of their provision by a third party not authorized to do so.

3.4. The User during their visit and browsing on the Company’s Website shall be informed about the Company’s products and its commercial presence and has the ability (a) to purchase them and
(b) contact the Company’s Personnel for any information, clarification or complaint.

3.5. In case the User wishes to use a service of the Company or to purchase its products, they have the ability (a) to register on the Company’s Website, by creating an individual User account and filling in the relevant form with their required personal information (full name, residential address, address of shipment of product, e-mail address, telephone number), (b) to continue their browsing as visitor and proceed to a simple entry of their above personal details upon the completion of the order, (c) to connect through their account held in facebook application or (d) to connect via their email address held in the google account.

In addition, following the connection of the User with their personal account, they shall be granted the ability to purchase products on a wholesale basis from the website of the online store www.devousjewels.com, by selecting its hyperlink, which shall be displayed on the present Company’s Website. The User must take notice of the new terms of use and accept them.

3.6. During the purchase process, the User must either connect in one of the above ways, or continue as a visitor, providing consequently their personal information required for the completion and shipment of the order.

3.7. The User’s communication with the Company shall be made by providing their necessary personal information according to the above and declaring the reason for communication either by filling in the relevant contact form on the Company’s Website, or by phone to the Company’s customer service department at 210-5624738 or by sending an e-mail to (a) info@devous.gr and (b) info@devousjewels.com. The User’s details shall be used exclusively for their communication with the Company.

3.8. The User has the ability to be informed about the products and services of the Company by receiving a newsletter, provided that they have filled in their personal data in the appropriate fields in the relevant each time position of the Website and have accepted the receipt of newsletters.

3.9. The User undertakes not to send, not to post the reference link url of the Website to other websites or internet sites, which have content of violence, racism, extremist or defamatory character, which display content with pornographic, erotic, religious or political character or in any case with illegal content or character harmful in any way to the Company or any third party.

4. Order

4.1. During the procedure of the order and purchase of a product through the Company’s online store, the User shall be required to select and place the product of their choice in the quantity they wish in the “cart”, after they have took notice of the main characteristics of the product and accepted these terms of use of the Website.

4.2. The total price of each product includes VAT, any other charge and any additional shipping and delivery charges. The User has the option to choose the method of payment of the order, the place of billing and delivery thereof, as well as the deadline within which it shall be delivered, and the Company is committed to the timely delivery thereof.

4.3. The User’s order is considered completed when the indication “Thank you for your purchase!“ followed by “Order ID” appears on their screen, while any additional information about the status of their order shall be sent to the e-mail address they have declared. The Company, at the stage of processing the User’s order, shall check the availability of the product and shall inform the User in case of exhaustion thereof.

4.4. The User has the option to choose the receipt of the product from the Company’s physical stores in Greece, by paying the purchase price in cash or card upon receipt. The User shall be notified by e-mail of the date of receipt of the product and must come to the physical store within the deadline to be notified thereto, otherwise their order shall be canceled and the Company shall not bear any responsibility towards the User because of this.

4.5. In case the User finds differences in the price of a product compared to that of the physical store and vice versa, the Company shall bear no responsibility and shall not be obliged to cover the difference. The price of the product is valid for the specific time of sale of the product to the User. The change of the price by the Company is possible without prior notice to the User. The Company may place on sale specific products and return them to their original price at any time. Product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted. In case of incorrect indication of the price or characteristics of a product, the Company may not complete the order of the User and inform them accordingly. In case the User considers the price of a product apparently low or high in relation to its characteristics, they may contact the Company for further clarifications at tel. 210-5624738 or by sending an e-mail to (a)info@devous.gr and (b) info@devousjewels.com.  The User has the right to withdraw as the procedure, the terms and the deadline for exercising the right are provided for in paragraph 9, while the Company bears responsibility towards the User to deliver the product with the agreed properties and without any actual defects.

5. Method of payment of the price – Payment

5.1. During the process of paying the price of the product, the User has the option to issue a retail receipt or invoice. The payment of the purchase price of the products is made in the following ways:

(a) By payment in cash of the value of the product by cash on delivery to the cooperating courier company from time to time (ACS COURIER, YPS, TNT, DHL) upon delivery of the order at the place chosen by the User.

(b)  By deposit of the amount in the Company’s bank account, held at the Bank ALPHA BANK, with IBAN number GR84 0140 1740 1740 0232 0002 098 and beneficiary ANTONOPOULOS S.A At the bank deposit the reasoning (order number and/or the full name of the User) must be indicated. The User shall then send either to the Company’s e-mail address or via fax the bank deposit document.

(c) By debiting the credit, debit or prepaid card of the User through the electronic billing system of NATIONAL BANK, which ensures the security of the transaction. It is possible to select payment in interest-free monthly installments, using a credit card.

The Company does not collect or store the card details used by the User. In case the User finds that their card has been misused by a third party not authorized by them, they must inform their Bank, in order to cancel any charges.

(d) Through the account held by the User in Paypal service.

6. Shipment and Delivery

6.1. The User may choose to receive their order either from the physical store of the Company without any charge, or to be sent to them at the declared place of delivery. In this case, they shall bear the shipping costs of the order, after being informed of the charges of the cooperating courier company from time to time, before the completion of the purchase. The amount of shipping costs of a product is based on the weight and volume of the product, the shipping method and the delivery method.

6.2. Delivery time for orders within Greece is estimated at 2-3 days. Delivery is made during working days (Monday-Friday), excluding public holidays. The deadline for delivery outside Greece differs, depending on the place of shipment. The Company is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure, other unforeseeable events beyond its sphere of influence or to the communication between the courier company and the User.

6.3. In case of delay in delivery, the User may search their order and ask the Company to deliver the delivery within a new deadline. In case of expiry without action of this new set deadline, the User has the right to terminate the agreement. Upon termination of the agreement, the Company returns the value of the order, without undue delay, in the same method as the User had chosen to pay the price.

6.4. The ownership of the products is transferred to the User after their payment. In case the order is not sent with the cooperating courier company, but the User chooses a different way of delivery, then the risk of loss or damage of the products is transferred to the User from the time of receipt of the order.

7. Limitation of liability

7.1. The Company informs the User that they must have both the appropriate technical equipment and the technical means in order to enable their safe browsing on the Website. The Company shall not be responsible for any technical problems that may occur to the User when trying to access the Website and during it or which are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure in relation to the use of the Website. For any damage suffered by the User’s device through which they have browsed on the Website, the User is solely responsible.

7.2. The Company declares to the User that it has taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to enable the continuous and without malfunctioning navigation of the User on the Website. The User understands and accepts that for reasons not due to the Company there is a possibility that their continuous and smooth browsing on the Website is not possible at a specific time, such as, e.g. due to lack of internet connection, incorrect appearance of a specific category and/or page, incorrect operation of an application, incorrect appearance including photos, graphics on the respective pages of the Website, etc. The User accepts that for any such problems, no claim can be brought against the Company.

7.3. The Company declares to the User and the User accepts that the latter is solely responsible for the understanding of all the information contained in the Website and for their further possible use by them, while he has no right to raise any claim against the Company for the above reason.

7.4. The Company can provide no guarantee for the availability of the products, but guarantees the timely notification of the final consumers about the availability or non-availability of the products. In case of delay in delivery of the order to the User due to intent or gross negligence of the Company, the sole responsibility lies with the Company.

8. Warranty

8.1. The Company is obliged to deliver the product without any actual defects and with the agreed properties, the existence of which is proven, only if they have been agreed in writing. In cases of liability of the Company for actual defect or lack of agreed property, the user shall be entitled at his choice (a) to demand, without their charge, the correction or replacement of the thing with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate expenditure, (b) to reduce the price, (c) to withdraw from the agreement, unless it is an insignificant actual defect. The Company must carry out the correction or replacement in a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the User and in case the User chooses the correction or replacement of the product, the Company must take the above actions within a reasonable period of time.

8.2. The Company provides the User with a warranty of good operation of the product, lasting up to 2 years for jewelry and up to 1 year for watches as well as the possibility of free repair (service) or, according to the uncontrolled discretion of the Company, free replacement thereof. Following the expiry of the warranty, the Company undertakes to provide the User with the possibility of repair of the product against payment.

8.3. The warranty concerns damages and failures of the product, which relate exclusively to its normal use and does not cover damages caused by misuse by the User, by external factors, due to force majeure or other unforeseeable events beyond its sphere of influence. The warranty is indicated in the characteristics of each product and starts from the acquisition of the physical possession of the product by the User or by a third party, authorized by them. The warranty covers the repair of the product, if the product has been checked by the specialized network of technicians – watchmakers and it is found that it has a manufacturing defect, while it is not valid in case of prior intervention by a technician not authorized by the Company. In case of replacement of spare parts of the product by an authorized partner or by its manufacturing firm, the Company is not liable if the spare part is no longer available or in short supply.

8.4. During the warranty period, the shipping costs of the product for repair to the Company shall be borne by the Company, provided that it is carried out with one of the cooperating courier companies (ACS COURIER, UPS, TNT, DHL), otherwise they shall be borne by the user. The costs for the return to the user of the correct/replaced or repaired product shall be borne by the Company.

9. Cancellation of order, withdrawal, return, replacement of product

9.1. The user may cancel their order either during the ordering process and before its completion, by removing the product from their “cart”, or after the completion of the electronic order and while it is pending, by contacting the Company at tel. 210-5624738 or by sending an email to (a) info@devous.gr and (b) info@devousjewels.com.

9.2. The user, since they proceed to a remote purchase and an agreement outside a commercial store, have the right to withdraw, without stating the reasons for this. Upon purchase of the product, the user is entitled, within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product by them or by the carrier of their choice, if they have chosen a different carrier than the one offered by the Company, or in general by every third person specifically authorized for this purpose, to withdraw from the agreement. Withdrawal from the agreement terminates the obligation of the parties to execute the agreement.

When the user exercises their right of withdrawal and after they have filled in the relevant form model or have informed the Company in any way, they must return the product within 14 calendar days from the time of information of the Company and the Company, after receiving and checking the product, shall return its value using the same means by which it received the money from the user. The User shall be charged with the costs of return of the product to the Company. The user may return the product themselves to the Company’s physical store.

The User has the possibility to test the product but not to use it, while they are solely responsible for any reduction of its value if they have used the product to a greater extent than is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function thereof. In order to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the products, the user should handle and examine them in the same way as they would be allowed to do so in the physical store of the Company. Upon the return of the product, the Company’s special card and the label of the product must not have been removed or damaged, nor must the product been modified in any way in order to adapt to the wishes and needs of the User. The product should be fully returned in its original packaging, inside the special transfer box of watches and jewelry made of protective material of styrofoam type on the outside, with special protective spongy material on the inside of the packaging. The product, as well as all the contents of the packaging, must not bear damages or wear and must be accompanied by the change card. In other words, the User must return the product to the Company, suitable for resale. The above return may be made exclusively by the presentation of the original proof of sale by the User. Please note that it is not possible to return a Smartwatch product after it has been activated.

The Company shall be obliged to return the value of the product to the User after receiving and checking the product.

9.3. Alternatively, the User may, within 14 calendar days, request the replacement of the product with another product of equal value or greater, paying the remaining amount. The User shall not be charged with the new shipping costs.

9.4. The above provisions apply exclusively to orders made through the Company’s Website, i.e. they concern a remote purchase and an agreement outside the store.

10. Intellectual and industrial property rights

10.1. The content of the Company’s Website, which includes, but is not limited to, categories, pages, texts, brands, logos, photographs and images, graphics, drawings, audio and video, services and in general all kinds of archives and software of the Company, is intellectual and industrial property of the Company and/or third parties contractually related to it, protected by the national, Community and international law and conventions. Furthermore, the name of the Company or any registered or non-registered trademark or distinctive feature thereof, is also the intellectual property of the Company, protected as above. In any case, the User does not have the right to use the name or the trademark or the distinctive feature of the Company and cannot trade, copy, alter, reproduce, retransmit or distribute the content of the Website without the prior written consent of the Company or any other legal beneficiary of the above intellectual rights.

10.2. The User may browse the Company’s Website and make use of the services provided to them, however, they may not change its use in any way, without the prior written consent of the Company. The User agrees and accepts that they may use the Website only for their personal use and it is prohibited in any way on their part to exploit part and/or all of the Website for commercial or, in general, economic purpose and/or cause, the Company reserving the right to claim from the User the restoration of any loss incurred and/or gain prevented caused by the non-observance of the above restrictions by the User.

For any information or question regarding the right to reproduce the content of the Company’s Website or in order for the User to request the consent of the Company for the reproduction of its content, the User may contact the Company at the electronic address (a) info@devous.grand (b) info@devousjewels.com and the telephone number 210-5624738.

11. Newsletters

The User, upon registration, filling in their personal details for making an order or filling in the contact form, may accept their registration in the Company’s Newsletter, in order to receive via e-mail newsletters about the products and the general commercial presence of the Company. The personal data provided by the User shall be used only after the above consent and for information, promotional and advertising purposes of the Company, as well as for the improvement of the services provided, through the conduct of satisfaction survey of its customers/users. In any case, the User has the possibility to withdraw their consent and request their deletion from the list of recipients of newsletters, as well as to update the data they have declared, according to those applicable in the Privacy Policy.

12. Protection of personal data

12.1. Personal data includes personal information, which identifies a natural person, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc., as well as information which does not reveal the name but can be associated with the User or the device to identify the specific person.

12.2. Personal data are collected for the sole purpose of performance of the Agreement and completion of the order. The User by filling in their personal details (upon registration or their simple entry) or by providing them (by the connection of the user to their account on facebook application or to their google e-mail address) give their consent to the Company to process such data to serve the aforementioned purposes.

12.3. The Company declares that for the safe browsing of the Website it uses isolated servers abroad. The information provided to the Company by the User during the use of the Website is stored in the Company’s database. This information shall be used for identification and certification of the User’s data and is necessary for the completion of the order and the shipment of the product. This information shall not be disclosed outside the Company, but shall be kept by it with the appropriate technical and organizational measures, ensuring compliance with the principle of data minimization.

12.4. The Company shall in any case inform the User that it shall keep in electronic form the personal data of the User that it collects through the declaration of data, for a period of time proportional to the time that may be required within the framework of the purpose of processing for which they have been collected, and in any case where compliance is required due to a legal obligation which requires processing or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. This information shall remain in the possession of the Company and shall not be deleted, for archiving purposes, however it shall not be used or disclosed to third parties without the consent of the User, unless required by law. Any information can be deleted at the request of the User.

12.5. This information may be used by the Company to produce statistics in order to improve or promote its services. None of this information shall determine the identity of the User.

12.6. The User, who has proceeded to the declaration of details through the use of the Company’s Website, has the opportunity to exercise, as appropriate, the right of access, rectification of personal data, restriction or objection to the processing, portability of personal data and erasure of data if processing is not necessary. The exercise of the above rights by the User may be carried out by sending a relevant e-mail to the e-mail address (a) info@devous.grand (b) info@devousjewels.com.

12.7. All of the above rights and obligations derive from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Company informs the User that they reserve the right to refer to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.


12.8. For any clarification and/or question regarding the privacy policy and the protection of personal data, the User has the possibility to contact the Company at the electronic address info@devous.grand (b) info@devousjewels.com, as well as at the contact telephone number 210-5624738.

13. Cookies

13.1. The Company uses cookies on its Website to improve its use. Cookies are small text files with information about the navigation of the visitor/User on the Website, which the Website installs on the computer, phone or other device used by the visitor/User. Cookies cannot be used to collect personal information from the User’s computer, phone or other device.

13.2. Cookies are necessary to facilitate and improve the access of the visitor/User, to adapt advertising or other content in order to reflect their special needs (memorization of language, country, etc.) and interests, for the improved speed of searches, etc., without harming the computer, phone or other device of the visitor/User. Cookies may be used to collect anonymous statistics to understand how the public uses the Website, in order to improve its structure and content. The personal identity of the visitor/User cannot be verified by the information collected by the cookies. The Company does not store sensitive personal identification information such as password, credit or debit card details, etc., in the cookies it uses.

13.3. Disabling cookies may restrict the use of the Website and/or delay and/or affect the way it operates.

13.4. Cookies are maintained for a period of 30 days.

13.5. The Company informs the User that it uses the following cookies:

● The cookie _gid which offers the possibility to collect information about the visits of specific pages by the User and the further statistical analysis of this information

● The cookie _ga which offers the possibility of collecting information about the visits of specific pages by the User and the further statistical analysis of this information

● The cookie for the google analytics service that allows the Company to collect data of the Website and to perform statistical analysis of the use of the Website by the visitors.

● To measure statistical data and information about the User’s choices such as which page they visited in the Internet site

● The cookie for the service doubleclick.net, which is owned by google and allows the Company to gather information about clicks on advertisements by visitors.

The Company informs the User that the Website may contain links and/or hyperlinks to the websites of third parties, natural or legal persons, including social networks. The Company informs the User that the websites of such third parties are governed by their own personal data protection policy, for which the Company has no responsibility and informs the User that it is useful and appropriate to take notice of them before browsing them.

14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

14.1 These Terms are governed and interpreted in accordance with Greek Law.

14.2 Any dispute arising or related to the application or interpretation of these Terms is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.


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